Belgium Postage Stamp Dedicated to ICAO and UN, 1958 (2016)


Feel as if your heart is opening when you raise your arms.

Feel as if you are pushing conflict away.

Inhale and exhale, prepare for take off!

Alvin Luong shares his favourite aircraft marshalling signals for warm up, cool down, and overall health and wellness! Aircraft marshalling is known for its health benefits and for self-defence. This is a great instructional video for aircraft marshalling beginners and also for advance students! After the video you may practice aircraft marshalling at home, or in one of four areas: mountain, forest, ocean, or river.


Stop! (2016)

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10 Aircraft Marshalling Moves for Beginners- 10 Minute Daily Routine! 

The video was first screened in conjunction with a performance and lecture that took place at Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto Mississauga on 17 September 2016. The presentation was a part of Blackwood Gallery’s art forum, Running With Concepts: The Choreographic Edition.

The lecture gave a brief overview of the history and politics of aircraft marshalling. The lecture positions aircraft marshalling as a manifestation of contemporary neocolonial and neoliberal politics that is enacted upon the body through a choreography.

The project as a whole is a satellite to Sculpture In Reversewhich employs aircraft marshalling for war making.


Be subject to the magisterial, a rare ritual gathering of ICAO, UN, IATA, and IMF! (For George Grosz) (2016)