This sign marks the closing of Turrell's Skyspace at the Nasher Sculpture Center.
Image from Hyperallergic

Better Skies is a response to the typical portrayal of James Turrell’s Skyspace pavilions. The documentations of Turrell’s Skyspace are always perfect. People in the documentations are well behaved, the views are always just right, and sounds are kept to a bare minimum. A utopian sensibility is projected with documentations of his work. In 2012 Turrell’s Skyspace at the Nasher Sculpture Center was closed due to a newly built condo that partially obstructed the view of the sky from within the Skyscape. This event marks the friction between the utopian image projected by Turrell’s work and real world forces. The Skyspace at the Nasher Sculpture Center was physically fine but theoretically destroyed.

Better Skies speculates an impossible documentation of Turrell’s Skyspace. The strict utopian image of the Skyspace is shattered by smokestacks that obstruct the view of the sky, and sounds of traffic and people that echo inside the Skyspace. Turrell's Skyspace is depicted from day to night.