A Studio Visit, 1960 is a project that stages a visit to the studio of the painter Frank Stella in 1960. The paintings Telluride, Ophir, and Lake City, from Stella's Copper Series, can be seen in production. The video references cliche black and white photographs of Stella working in his studio taken by Hollis Frampton and Ugo Mulas. Accompanying the video is a monologue about artistic production that is unreliably narrated. The monologue is narrated in character as Frank Stella, or out of character as Luong, or as a hybrid between Stella and Luong. The monologue builds off of actual quotes by Stella to cover his concerns about painting, whilst revealing the status of the project as a digital video, and ways in which lens-based imaging can be both antithetical and complimentary to Stella's concerns.

A full text transcription of the monologue can be accessed here.

A Studio Visit, 1960 was graciously supported by Trinity Square Video, a not-for-profit artist-run centre in Toronto, Canada.